At a time when it seemed there was no room left on our plate of commitments, we discovered the Gauntlet.  My business partner and I had a discussion and expressed our availability and commitment concerns and after 1 minute agreed that this was a learning opportunity that could not be missed. What started as a something we were going to force ourselves to do in an effort to learn, quickly became something we enjoyed doing.  Being placed in a room full of fellow startups brought us to the comforting realization that we were not alone in this “at times” relentless battle of entrepreneurialism. This program forced us to dig deep and gave us the direction to fine tune our business plan. The Advancement Foundation’s team was super professional and a joy to be around.  Honored to be among the many to survive the 2017 Gauntlet and look forward to visiting with and meeting the 2018 contestants.


Drew Arney and Austin Bousman, Owners

The Gauntlet has been phenomenal for me not having a business background, this has all been very new and an incredible learning experience. As you’re developing your business, you are going to encounter hurdles but we also learned that by learning to be flexible and sticking with it, you’re inevitably going to conquer it.
The Gauntlet is not just abstract or representation of flow charts, [it’s] very concrete and pushes us to get out of out comfort zone and realize what’s within us.