“Being placed in a room full of fellow startups brought us to the comforting realization that we were not alone in this at times relentless battle of entrepreneurship. This program forced us to dig deep and gave us the direction to fine tune our business plan. The Advancement Foundation’s team was super professional and a joy to be around. Honored to be among the many to survive the 2017 GAUNTLET and look forward to visiting with and meeting the 2018 contestants.” – Drew Arny and Austin Bousman, GAUNTLET 2017 Competitors and First Place Winners with Wingman Outfitter

“The GAUNTLET has encouraged me to dig deeper regarding my goals and has helped me target areas that need improvement in my business operations.” – Kristen Reimer, GAUNTLET 2018 Competitor from BOCO Fit Rage

“The GAUNTLET has been phenomenal for me not having a business background, this has all been very new and an incredible learning experience. As you’re developing your business, you are going to encounter hurdles but we also learned that by learning to be flexible and sticking with it, you’re inevitably going to conquer it.” – Holly and Jonathan Hart, GAUNTLET 2017 Competitors with Blue Mountain Adventures

“Anyone considering opening, planning for, or starting a business should make the GAUNTLET a priority.” – Linda Bailey, 2018 GAUNTLET Competitor with Total You Health “The program serves a definite need in our community by providing potential entrepreneurs with the skills and confidence to succeed. This can only benefit our area by bringing us new businesses and employment opportunities. I had the pleasure of dealing professionally with one of the Gauntlet participants and can attest to the fact that the materials and documents provided to me for a loan request were exactly what we were looking for. They were well organized and designed to serve the purpose needed. This has rarely been the case in previous loan applications, and I can certainly praise the Gauntlet program for assisting in this area. ” – Kevin Persinger, GAUNTLET 2018 Mentor and Sponsor with Sona Bank

“The GAUNTLET was a great opportunity to meet and connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs. It is an awesome experience to be able to share the room with like minded folks all looking to achieve a similar dream” – Michelle and Josh Rucker, 2018 GAUNTLET Competitors form The Farm at Glen Haven