EXCEL Coaching Program

The Advancement Foundation, a nonprofit founded in 2007, is committed to community development which can only be accomplished with citizens who are engaged, empowered and focused. Through the program, we develop a trusting relationship that includes mutual respect and accountability. We work side by side with employees to overcome barriers and create new pathways for lasting improvement.

This program will provide a confidential source of stability and resolution for your employees as they navigate life’s challenges and changes. This is an action orientated program. Our staff is committed to building trust and respect. We insist on personal accountability and empower your employees to take action each day to improve their lives. 

As a nonprofit, we are able to link employees to community resources that are available based on their personal needs. Our goal is to help individuals help themselves by educating them, connecting them, and creating accountability through comprehensive life strategies, coping skills, and self-awareness.

We have been encouraged by the positive outcomes of this program. I hope you might also see the potential value for your employees. We can all benefit from having a plan and a team of supporters encouraging us down the difficult journey of change!



  • One 5-hour day per week of scheduled on site coaching (flexible scheduling)
  • Office hours at the Advancement Foundation for those needing additional services.
  • Personal 360 degree evaluation using wheel of life, DISC assessment and talking
  • Follow-up meetings to layout an action plan (on site development of personal life plan)
  • Determination of eligibility for community resources – VIDA, FPU, Home Buying, College/tech education, small business, health etc.
    • Home Buyer education and certification program
    • Credit repair and Credit counseling through partner agencies
    • Small business development coaching
  • As Needed Referrals/connections to mental health resources (counseling, self-help, groups,)


Contact Annette Patterson for more information.


Phone: 540-815-6106