Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and we’re here to help you take that first step. At The Advancement Foundation we offer a number of Personal and Professional Improvement opportunities for individuals, groups, and professionals.

Our Excel Coaching Program is offered to companies both large and small who want to give their employees the opportunity to grow their financial means. With just a session a week, our experienced staff will meet with your employees to learn their goals, found out their strengths and weaknesses, and plan out the next years of their lives. We have helped employees save for education, make steps towards purchasing a new home, and even starting their own side business. 

Our Asset Development Programs are among the best of the region. With focuses on areas like Small Business Development, Financial Literacy, and Home Buying, we can help you reach your next goal. Schedule a time to speak with us and we will work out the best path towards your goal! Call (540)283-7062 or email Kathleen to learn more.