Patching kids into technology.

The goal of PatchX is to give disadvataged people access to computers. Kids who lack computer skills find themselves at a disadvantage in education and job training. Most children have access to computers at school. But as with any sport, to become competitive and proficient, kids need to practice their skills at home. A computer in the home opens up possibilities – we’ve introduced children to computer programming, graphic design and other interests they didn’t know they had. For someone who has limited mobility, a home computer not only opens possibilities, it connects them to the world.

PatchX is accepting donations of your  computer and computer monitors (Flat screen preferred). Also in need of peripheral computer equipment; such as, keyboards, mice, RAM, Video Cards, DVD/CD. PatchX and The Advancement Foundation began our partnership in June 2015- both organizations are focused on breaking down barriers for the disadvantaged. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

PatchX will take your old computer, wipe the hard drive, refurbish and install a new operating system. Once the computer is ready it will be donated to a needy child or a handicapped person in the Roanoke Valley.

If you are interested in donating your old computer, sharing your expertise or have questions contact or