LEAP Swim Program

In partnership with East Mental Health and community business partners, The Advancement Foundation aims to provide a action oriented outreach that enlists the entire community to help those less privileged to engage in healthy activities as one.  These pictures demonstrate the endless possibilities of underprivileged citizens when we eliminate the socio-economic barriers and encourage all in our community to become empowered. Through the use of swimming, the Foundation is able to help citizens overcome fears, build confidence and discover a healthy activity to be enjoyed for a lifetime. The participants will be able to translate these positive experiences to a multitude of life decisions that they will make over the course of the program. The program is designed to help citizens break free from poverty and hopelessness and into a world of dignity and empowerment.

Physical fitness and athleticism is the single most critical change agent to lead citizens to gain confidence in their own abilities to change their lives forever. Everyone involved in the program must have written goals which included health, career, and relationships – three pivotal areas to ensuring a healthy life.

This swim program is a catalyst to ignite the potential that lies in  every human being  as the human spirit is awakened to its competitive nature. Be sure to check out the LEAP photo gallery.

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