GAUNTLET Business Program & Competition


The GAUNTLET is a dynamic 10-week business development program and competition that connects entrepreneurs to resources! Entrepreneurs will attend weekly training sessions.  In addition, they will have the opportunity to meet and network with successful entrepreneurs, fellow GAUNTLET participants, and mentors.  This engagement assists entrepreneurs in the development of business strategies which provide a roadmap to success. Businesses must be starting or expanding in the either businesses that will be starting or expanding in Alleghany Highlands, Botetourt County, Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Rockbridge County, Town of Vinton, City of Buena Vista, City of Lexington and/or the City of Salem.

Over $300,000 in cash and in-kind awards are given, with additional resources such as low interest loan funds, matching grants, and industry expertise are available to GAUNTLET participants.

Class locations include the Vinton War Memorial, Buchanan Community House, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, and Dabney S. Lancaster Rockbridge Regional Center.



Over 350 like-minded entrepreneurs and 250 innovative business leaders make up ENTREPRENEUR NATION!

Special thanks to all of our Sponsors for their continuous support and enthusiasm for the GAUNTLET!

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