Volunteer Opportunities

The Advancement Foundation is currently looking for volunteers!

We have volunteer positions for passionate people from our community to join based on their interests. Take a peek at the positions below and see which fits your personality!

Volunteer Coordinator

Duties/expectations:  The primary responsibilities of the Volunteer Coordinator are to coordinate and supervise volunteer activities.  As a Volunteer Supervisor, you will be responsible for:

  • Scheduling, hiring, and training volunteers.
  • Coordinating pick-up and transportation for donations.
  • Preparing daily and monthly reports and distributing as directed.
  • Compiling daily activity logs and ensuring that priority tasks are completed.
  • Maintaining and implementing Volunteer Recognition Practices to include, scheduling Volunteer parties, choosing Volunteer of the Month, distributing and monitoring other employee incentives.
  • Scheduling and Facilitating ongoing volunteer trainings and meetings.
  • Keeping volunteers notified of important events, changes, and policies through effective communication means.
  • Conducting volunteer evaluations.
  • Serving as liaison between volunteer staff and The Advancement Foundation
  • Performing other related duties as assigned.

Design, Repair & Restoration Associate

Duties/expectations:  The primary responsibilities of the Design & Restoration Associate are to repair, restore and update furniture for our “Shabby Chic” line.    As a Design & Restoration Associate, you will

  • Furniture repair and restoration to include:  sanding, stripping, rebuilding, recreating, re-gluing,  refinishing, woodwork, polishing, painting, molding.
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Assisting with general upkeep of store (painting and light repairs).
  • Making suggestions as to paint colors and designs to use
  • Maintain supply inventory list and notify Volunteer Supervisor when supplies are low.

Inventory Associate

Duties/expectations:  The primary responsibilities of the Inventory Associate are receiving, sorting and grading donations.  As a Volunteer Inventory Associate, you will be responsible for:

  • Sorting through donated items and determining if they meet sales floor criteria.
  • Pricing and hanging donations.
  • Keeping an accurate count of merchandise via inventory log.
  • Maintaining the sales floor and inventory in a clean, neat, and properly displayed manner.
  • Merchandising items on the sales floor in a way to maximize sales.
  • Placing items designated as unsellable in recycle bin for pick-up.
  • Contacting recycling/junk removal companies to donate other unusable items.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Marketing & Web Sales Coordinator

Duties/expectations:  The primary responsibilities of the Marketing & Web Sales Associate are to increase sales and customer base by developing marketing materials and implementing activities based on Social Media Schedule.  As a Marketing & Web Sales Coordinator, you will be responsible for:

  • Updating Charity Cottage social media pages and website (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Adding new products to online stores (ebay, Charity Cottage Website, Craigslist, Etsy)
  • Creating bulletins, pamphlets, and flyers
  • Posting weekly volunteer job announcements to recruit new volunteers (Craigslist, Idealist, Volunteer Match, Church Bulletins, Volunteer Roanoke).
  • Creating and sending quarterly e-blasts to donors.
  • Posting CCTS blogs.
  • Creating and updating store signage as needed.
  • Keeping up with Weekly Marketing and Social Media Calendar.
  • Planning and implementing CCTS special events.
  • Making suggestions to Volunteer Supervisor about new Marketing opportunities or ideas.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Volunteer Sales Associate

Duties/expectations:  The primary responsibilities of the Sales Associate are to maintain outstanding customer service, operate the register, generate sales and support the mission of The Advancement Foundation and The Charity Cottage Thrift Store.  As a Volunteer Sales Associate, you will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring each customer receives outstanding service
  • Executing the daily operational, day-to-day goals and priorities
  • Computing sales prices, total purchases and receive and process payment by cash or credit card.
  • Issuing receipts, refunds, credits or change to customers.
  • Entering Inventory log into computer system.
  • Assisting customers in locating merchandising in the store
  • Assisting in other areas of the store, such as clean-up, pricing and displaying inventory, etc.


Please see www.volunteermatch.org for more in-depth descriptions of our volunteer positions.
Call (540)206-3385 to get involved, meet new friends, have fun, and make a difference!