Skills-Based Volunteer Bank FAQs


Questions & Answers

Who is creating the Skills-Based Volunteer Bank (SBVB)
The Advancement Foundation is a nonprofit established in 2007. The Advancement Foundation works to engineer community development in order to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. The foundation leverages community resources across all sectors of government, nonprofit, business, churches, and individuals in order to harness existing resources and target those towards individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to improve their lives. 

What is the Advancement Foundation’s philosophy about community development?
The Advancement Foundation works to “Teach a Man to Fish” rather than to hand him a fish!

What is the purpose of the Skills-Based Volunteer Bank?
The bank is designed to open up opportunities to individuals who are working toward upward mobility but lack the skills, knowledge, or resources to overcome specific obstacles. For example; a single mother starting an online business may need expertise in developing her website.

Who will be able to utilize the Skills-Based Volunteer Bank?
The SBVB will be managed by the Advancement Foundation in order to provide knowledge and expertise helping individuals obtain skills and expand opportunities to develop a business. Only those individuals who have been interviewed, provided references, and are selected based on their commitment to improve their future will have access to SBVB member’s services.

How much time do I have to give in order to be a part of the Skills-Based Volunteer Bank?
Volunteers willing to give a minimum of two hours within a calendar year will be added to the SBVB.

As a volunteer for the Skills-Based Volunteer Bank, who will contact me and am I obligated to help every time I’m contacted?
SBVB volunteer member will be contacted first by one of the Advancement Foundation’s representatives who will provide a biographical sketch of the person needing assistance and details on the knowledge needed. At that time the member can decline to help or accept the offer.

If the member accepts, they will outline the time they will be able to commit to the identified project. The member then reports the number of hours that they can dedicate to the project over a specified period.

The member can request that the individual contact them directly or ask that the foundation give the individual their contact information. The administrator at the foundation would communicate the next steps to the client and ensure that they understand the time allotment for the project.

What if I sign up for the Skills-Based Volunteer Bank and later discover I don’t have time to participate?
Members can decline offers any time they are contacted by the foundation. You will be able to designate times and locations of any meeting. If your professional or personal life gets too busy and you are unable to serve for a period of time – you can request to be put on inactive status as long as needed. 

Will my contact information be given to anyone without my knowledge?
No, the foundation will always contact you regarding individuals who need assistance prior to making any connections. The SBVB member will dictate what contact information (reference email or phone) may be shared with the client.

Does my volunteer time have to be directly tied to what I do in my profession?
No, our community is filled with individuals who have many skills and talents way beyond their profession. We are seeking a variety of skills, talents, and interests from every field. For example, you may work as a bank teller but have mad skills in the areas of graphic design; you may be an attorney who also is equally interested in strategic planning for businesses.

Are there opportunities for groups that I’m involved in to work on larger projects?
Absolutely! We have many situations where there is a larger project that could utilize a group focus. Individuals working to start a business need help getting their spaces set up to open but need help with paint or light construction.