Non-profit Sustainability

Capacity Building

The Foundation works to maximize resources for our nonprofit clients. We work with nonprofits that transform the world to help them develop innovative strategies to improve their resources and expand their strategic impact in their community. The Foundation leverages all community resources for the benefit of large scale impact. Our work with these nonprofits in strategic planning, fundraising, and staff and board development helps increase their capacity and strengthen sustainability.

The Advancement Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 in Vinton, VA, was established to provide professional strategic planning, fundraising, and marketing support for nonprofit organizations. We have assisted numerous nonprofits with fund development, strategic planning, and capacity building since our inception in 2007.

The Advancement Foundation staff are action-orientated and work with board members and staff to develop and execute a bold plan to build the capacity of our nonprofit clients. We utilize the nonprofits limited resources so they come to trust, we will work to coordinate efforts in a effective and efficient manner. Additionally, we also look to expand mutually beneficial partnerships across our organizations in order to position you as a leader in the health and human services community.

Building Capacity model

We have the expertise to create an effective plan, communicate goals to prospective funders, conduct needed background research, and coordinate work steps to ensure measurable progress.

The Advancement Foundation offers the following services to help with nonprofit sustainability and capacity building:

  • Social Change Partnerships
  • Board Retreats
  • Nonprofit Assessment and Strategic Plan
  • VISTA program management
  • Workshops
  • Major Gift Programs
  • Fund Development Professionals on call
  • The Playbook
  • Personalized Forms
  • Feasibility Study of Community Support and Campaign Prioritization

For more information please call Annette Patterson at 540-815-6106.