Charity Cottage Thrift Store

Charity Cottage Thrift Store is now open. We are located at 301 S Pollard St. in Vinton, VA. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm. We are accepting donations on a daily basis. We offer a great variety of items and we’d love to show you around the store so please come visit!

The Charity Cottage Thrift Store hopes to raise funding for multiple nonprofits while also providing a venue for active life changing experiences of the underprivileged. The Charity Cottage Thrift Store will provide quality products at discounted prices. The profits made from the store will be generated back into local non-profit organizations. The store will al-so serve as a venue to provide a business incubator for individuals living in poverty who wish to start a business of their own.

The Advancement Foundation has established a new upscale thrift store and coffee shop (Charity Cottage Thrift Store) with proceeds to benefit local nonprofits that have been do-ing amazing work for many years. West End Center serves inner city youth with tutoring and mentoring – these youth are graduating from High School at a rate of 87% compared to the cities 63%, Project Access which coordinates 350 doctors who volunteer their services to provide health care for over 500 of the working poor. Manna Ministries – provides food and clothing for over 10,000 of the working poor each year. The store will also provide a central location to create a support network and skills training for the underprivileged and disabled.

 Proceeds support the Foundation and multiple nonprofits through product donations and sales
 The store provides opportunities for all citizens to be productive members by teaching the under-privileged/disabled skills to help them improve their lives.
 Opportunities for all community members to get involved volunteering, mentoring, etc.
 Collaborative opportunities across nonprofits to improve use of resources and outreach
 Opportunities for families to volunteer together to impact social change in our community

For more information visit: The Charity Cottage Thrift Store Website


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