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Greetings from Your VISTA Leader

Hello, and welcome to the new VISTA Resource Portal!

Resources from money management to monthly reporting, being a VISTA requires certain information, skills, and planning. Here you will find all the resources you will need to complete a successful year of service. If there is anything that you have found helpful and want to add, just let me know! Thank you all for all that you do and your commitment to serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA.



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Official Forms

VISTA Terms of Service

VISTA policy about serving more than 1 term of service

Relocation Fact Sheet

Describes what you need to know about relocating to your site from your home of record

VISTA Handbook

Everything you will ever need to know about the AmeriCorps*VISTA program

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For New VISTAs

You’ve Been Hired, What’s Next?

A short overview of what happens next, the PSO and Start Dates are left blank and will change depending on what month you attend Pre-Service Orientation

Now That You’re a VISTA

An Introduction to serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA with The Advancement Foundation

On-Site Orientation Checklist

From PSO- a checklist that outlines how to get settled in at your site the first couple of weeks

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Current VISTA Resources

Stress Guide

National Service Stress Guide with a manual and handouts

Media Guide

How to share your National Service Story

VISTA Online Resource Guide

Quick Fact Sheet about where to find things on the VISTA Campus and beyond!

Non-profit Resources 1 & 2

Two documents that list different nonprofit websites and resources

Sources of Giving

Outlines the different kinds of giving to nonprofits

Communicating through the VISTA Lifecycle

A VISTA Leader Action Learning Challenge Project that talks about communication and the ups and downs of VISTA service

Health Benefits of Volunteering

Research done by CNCS about the health benefits of volunteering

Tips for your Living Stipend

Taken from a VISTA site in Wisconsin, this document has some useful tips for VISTAs on a budget

Holiday Spending Tips on a VISTA Budget

A document created by another VISTA Leader about how to stretch your budget around the holidays

Motivating Volunteers

Identifying the types of motivational patterns volunteers fit into

Pathways to Service: Learning from the potential Volunteer’s prospective

Research from CNCS about the way a Volunteer thinks about service

Recruitment that Works

A short handout highlighting different ways to recruit volunteers

Stakeholder’s Worksheet

A short handout to help you identify who your project’s stakeholders are

Volunteer Recognition

List of ideas on how to recognize your volunteers

Volunteer Resources

A list of volunteer recruitment and management websites

Personal Action Plan

This resource includes two forms you can use for creating a personal action plan.

Responding to Resistance

Resistance is a necessary and natural stage of all processes of change. In order to successfully handle resistance when it happens, we need to be able to be able to recognize and address it.

12 Steps of Time Management

Ideas on how to better your time management skills

Communication Styles: A Self-Assessment Exercise

Identifying your communication style

Communication Styles Case Study

From PSO- a worksheet outlining communication styles in day to day life

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2012 Monthly Reporting Due Dates

Reporting Dates from January 2012-December 2012

Examples of Good Reporting

Taken from various VISTA reports- outlines what TAF is looking for when it comes to what to include in your monthly report

VISTA Reporting Resources

This document goes over the report step by step

TAF VISTA Reporting Template

Please use this template for your monthly reports

TAF Quarterly Review template

This document is due once every quarter as outlines on the Monthly Reportign Due Dates document- please review this with your Supervisor and send it to your VISTA Leader on the due date

VISTA Leave Request

If you are going to be taking extended (3 or more) vacation or sick days, please fill this out and return it to your VISTA Leader

2012 VISTA Time Sheet

Please fill this out each month and hand it in with your Monthly Report

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Health Care

AmeriCorps VISTA Member Health Benefits FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about AmeriCorps VISTA Member’s Health Benefits provider, Seven Corners

Seven Corners Guide

Guide provided to you by Seven Corners that explains your benefits

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Life after VISTA

Career Hunters’ Guide

A list of places to look for a job

Non-Competitive Eligibility FAQ

List of Frequently Asked Questions about the  one year after you complete your term of service, of non-competitive eligibility

Translating Your Service

A short worksheet that will help translate your VISTA service into ‘job speak’

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Is VISTA right for your organization?

A guide to becoming an AmeriCorps VISTA site

Fiscal Year 2012 Program Guidance

Overview of AmeriCorps VISTA and an outline of programming areas and VISTA Support

VISTA Handbook

Everything you would ever want to know about the AmeriCorps VISTA program

Supervisor’s Handbook

Everything you would ever want to know about being a VISTA program Supervisor

VISTAs Can Do Capacity

A document created by TAF that outlines the activities VISTAs can and can not do

Establishing a good relationship with VISTAs

Tips for a successful year for you and your VISTA

On-Site Orientation for VISTAs

A checklist made by TAF that outlines the first month of a VISTA’s service and the things they will need to know to successfully complete a year of service

The Advancement Foundation VISTA Quarterly Report

Must be filled out and sent in once every quarter. Please complete with the help of your VISTA and sign it and return to the VISTA Leader .

Expectations of a VISTA Supervisor

Outlines the roles of the VISTA Supervisor and what different parts they play in the program overall

AmeriCorps VISTA Concept Paper

The Concept Paper is a preliminary screening tool that the Corporation for National and Community Service uses to evaluate whether the organization would be an appropiate sponsor for a VISTA.

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