Councils and Boards

Board Members

The Advancement Foundation’s Board Members

Becky Freemal
Tim Greenway
Ann Hanes
Elaine Milko
Johnny Miller
Annette Patterson
Patrick Patterson
Judy Wood

The Advancement Foundation’s Legacy Council

The Legacy Council is a group of experienced professionals who volunteer their time to help advance the efforts of our community’s vital nonprofits as well as those that they serve. The Council’s mission is to provide expertise that will enable our community to develop and thrive. The Council leads efforts to help individuals and nonprofit organizations by creating comprehensive strategic plans for growth personally or in the areas that sustain nonprofit organizations such as fundraising, marketing, community collaboration, and program development. If you are interested in learning more about the Legacy Council, contact Annette Patterson, President at 540-345-1292.

Maria-Veronica Banks – Fund Development

Eric Beasley – Operations Management

Ray-Eric Correia – Education

Todd Creasy – Accounting

Carrie Dickey – Graphic Design, Marketing

Dean East – Counselor

Amanda Ellinger – Grant Writer

Kate Ellman – Nonprofit Leadership

Shanna Flowers – Media and Volunteer Management

Katherine Foreman – Public Television and Fundraising

Becky Freemal – Public Relations and Media

Dawn Galbraith – Program Enrollment

Megan Gasink – Counselor

Kathy Gentry – Fund Development

Tim Greenway – Business

Ann Hanes – Board and Campaign Leadership

Barbara Harrell – Volunteer Management

Christina Hatch – Fundraising

Eric Hill – Recruitment and Program Development

June House – Nonprofit Leadership Development

Nia Indelicato – Grant Writing and Nonprofit Leadership

Pamela Irvine – Nonprofit Leadership

Samantha Lukasiewicz – Civic Engagement

Linda Mahoney – Fund Development

Terry Mazeika – Communications

Amy Milberger – Development, Marketing

Brian Miller – Campaigns, Marketing

Tres Mullis – Advancement Director

Joy Parrish – Nonprofit Leadership

Annette Patterson – Strategic Planning

Patrick Patterson – Education Specialist

Sandra Pratt – Media Communiciations

Jenine Rabin – Advancement Director

Pam Rickard – Writing, Fundraising

Anne Rooney – Counselor

Matt Samsa – Technology, Licensing

Brittany Sandidge – Grant Writer, Database Management

Debra Stump – Development Director

Glenn Sturm – Program Development & Volunteer Recruitment

Yvette Sumner – Resources Specialist & Volunteer Recruitment

Pete Trakas – Advancement Director

Dan Vance – Vinton Voice, Editor-in-Chief

Andrew Whittaker – Database Management

Mark Whittaker – Consultant

Larry Weston – Weston Consulting

Judy Wood – Annual Fund, Strategic Planning


The Advisory Council

PURPOSE and RESPONSIBILITIES: The Advisory Council serves as a governing board of the LEAP Program. The purpose of this board is to provide direction on all levels of programming and activities to impact long term change for those living in poverty. Members will serve as catalyst for community empowerment. Members must meet a minimum of once a month to review and comment on the development and implementation of the LEAP Program. Self governance will provide for a stronger, more directed program that will also serve to build leadership skills of its members. Members will tap into community assets, strengths and resources. Members must encourage community involvement at all economic levels and serve to support all endeavors of the LEAP Program.

I know I’ve only known all of you for a short time, but I have a deep warmth inside that I’ve not felt in
many, many years. I didn’t know that once again I would feel needed or loved as I do now. You have all
pushed your light through the darkness and pain that has been my life. You’ve helped find the lost soul
that is me. You give love without asking for anything in return. How do you say the right thanks for such
a free and selfless gift. Once again I feel the spirit of Christmas once again as I did as a child. In my heart
of hearts, I know it’s because of the kindness and acceptance you have shown me. I am truly blessed.